Livestock Barn Rebuilding Campaign

Help build a firm foundation for the future!

On March 13, 2019 northeast Nebraska was struck with one of the worst floods in over 50 years. Many people were effected, and much damage was done. The Cedar County Fair grounds took on the most damage it has ever received from is 100 plus year history. For two days the grounds was under water damaging buildings, destroying roads and fences, and destroying a 56 stall livestock building. Your gift will help continue Cedar County Fair history and commitment to giving educational opportunities to our youth, thank you for your gift and supporting Cedar County’s youth.


4x8 Brick = $100

Lines allowed: 3

Characters per line: 14

12x12 Brick = $250

Lines Allowed: 9

Characters per line: 21

Stall = $500

Lines Allowed: 2

Characters per line: 18

24x24 Brick = $1000

Lines Allowed: 21

Characters Per Line: 42


Fill out the online form for the easiest process of becoming a part of the rebuilding of the livestock building. 

OR download the form below and mail in with a payment to the address listed on the form.

fema disaster volunteer registration form

To meet FEMA requirements ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST fill out the Volunteer Form below.  To save time, please bring your filled out form with you when arriving at the grounds.

( It is our hope to possibly be able to receive FEMA funds to help recoup some of the damage costs. ) 

FEMA VOlunteer Tracking information Required


FEMA Volunteer Tracking Form

Please turn in this form at the front entrance at the fairgrounds and a board member will get you checked-in.  Forms will also be available for you to fill out and turn in on Clean-up Nights. 

Tracking Volunteer Time with Track-It-Forward

We will have two options for tracking & recording your volunteer hours.  

  • Hours will be tracked on a paper sign-in/sign-out form
  • Hours can be entered either by the Ag Society or you can enter them yourself online or through the app. 

Click the link below to register with the Ag Society and start logging your hours : 

Download the Track-It-Forward App

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Track it Forward” and you should find the app. We encourage all volunteers to have it but we will have procedures in place to track and enter your hours for you.

Contact Us

It takes a lot people working together to make the fair successful each year. If you are interested in becoming part of our organization or would like to volunteer in some way, please feel free to reach out to find out more.

Thank you in advance for any help or service you are able to provide!

Cedar County Fair

88266 564 Ave, Hartington, Nebraska 68739, United States